Page-A-Day Math Is So Much More Than Math!

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

Page-a-Day Math really is needed just a page a day!  Kory (4) enjoyed learning Math and so much more with these workbooks in the Pre-K Math Starter Kit.  It has been fun so far learning math facts so Kory can build a strong math foundation.

We are starting our homeschool journey with beginning Kindergarten in the fall.  One of the features of curriculum/lessons that we will be doing is that it must be "open-and-go."  Maybe someday when I'm super confident in my teaching abilities, I won't have to have so much hand-holding ;)  For now, I need it all right there, ready to go.

Inside the Pre-K Math Starter Kit (digital) we received:
1. Tracing Addition Equations That Add 1 To 0-10 Workbook
2. Tracing Addition Equations That Add 2 To 0-10 Workbook
3. Tracing Addition Equations That Add 3 To 0-10 Workbook
4. Tracing Addition Equations That Add 4 To 0-10 Workbook
5. Tracing Addition Equations That Add 5 To 0-10 Workbook
6. Tracing Addition Equations That Add 6 To 0-10 Workbook
7. Tracing Addition Equations That Add 7 To 0-10 Workbook
8. Tracing Addition Equations That Add 8 To 0-10 Workbook
9. Tracing Addition Equations That Add 9 To 0-10 Workbook
10.  Tracing Addition Equations That Add 1 To 0-10 Workbook
11. Pre-K Math Starter Flashcards (Print and cut)
12. Addition Assessments
13. Progress Tracker for Pre-K
14. Pre-K I Can Write My Name Handwriting Practice Workbook
15. Super Sight Words Handwriting Practice Workbook
16.  Coloring Counting Joke Book

At first, I had my eye on the physical starter kit, but since I have 2 children (one currently 18 months) I can use the kit with little sister later when she is old enough.  So, if you have children of varying ages who are younger, this is a plus.

Tracing Addition Equations:  This is Math and so much more! 

Since the student only goes through a page a day, it is not overwhelming.  There are pictures to count, so it's almost as if manipulatives are built in, but you could add them if you needed to. First the student goes through the equations and traces them, then, later on in the book, there are a few questions for them to practice on their own with no answer to trace.

So, not only is the student practicing math, but also practicing handwriting!  There are some print and cursive workbooks on the website as well.

I Can Write My Name Handwriting Practice:  You have the option to go through the whole workbook and practice each letter, or just pick out letters in the child's name.  That's what we did.  Kory needed a bit more practice on her R's.

Letter writing practice page.  The letters are numbered in order of how the letter should be written.

Super Sight Words: This is handwriting practice with sight words.  This workbook is great for children who are starting sight word practice; Kory is not quite there yet, but when she is, this workbook will be awesome. 

I'm really excited about having only 1 page a day!  After a few lessons, your student may be able to do the pages on their own.

Addition Flash Cards.  Just print, cut, and fold!
Sample page from Super Sight Words.

Coloring Counting Joke Book before Kory and her little sister colored them.

MultiplicationSubtraction, and Division Starter Kits are also available.

Be sure to check out all the other reviews to see how Page-a-Day Math was used for other families with children of all ages! 

Daily Math & Handwriting (Print + Cursive) {Page a Day Math Reviews}


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