It's A Perfect Time To Do Musik At Home!

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My girls love doing music class at home with our Musik at Home Membership!

We can do the class literally anywhere.  I just log in, find the song we're doing, and let it play on the laptop while the girls sing and play along.  There is also a Musik at Home app available for Android, iOS, and Amazon Fire TV.

The videos are very personal; it's as if you're in Kathryn's living room!  

Tapping our knees.

There really are options for children of all ages.  Musik at Home starts with music for babies and toddlers.  You can start music and singing with even the youngest of babies.  We know that singing is great for development, and Musik at Home helps parents with these special times!

These classes go beyond just typical kids' music class songs and experiences.  The Musik at Home program even goes through voice lessons and writing/reading music.  This is sure to interest children up to 7 years old.

Kory really enjoyed the greeting songs.  Each song is complete with opportunities to use their own creativity and use lots of hand movements that go along with the music.  She is REALLY into putting hand movements to any song she hears. We also used our own rhythm sticks with some of the songs.  Rhythm sticks, along with many other great items, are available in the Musik at Home Store.

My favorite was the Flight of the Bumblebee song.  It was a great mini Composer lesson, plus we got to "fly" around the living room looking for the perfect flower to "land" on!  

I am also super excited about the Family Music for Christmas class series coming October 23rd to Musik at Home because we LOVE Christmas music around here!  And Kory in particular loves Christmas music year round ;)

Don't forget to take a look at how Musik at Home was enjoyed by so many other families who tried the program in their own homes!

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