We’re Getting The Most Out of Summer With The Critical Thinking Co.™!

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

We exercised our brains this summer with Creative Problem Solving from The Critical Thinking Co.™!  We received the Level 1 book (for age 4 - 2nd grade) and Kory (4.75 years old) had fun working through these problem solving worksheets by thinking way outside the box!

I received a physical copy of the Creative Problem Solving Level 1 workbook.  The pages are perforated if you wanted to remove them from the book. We worked through worksheets without removing them, and Kory wanted to continue on through the pages since she was having so much fun.

Solving a problem on a planet with extreme weather!  Kory chose a rat to be the hardiest animal that could withstand extreme heat and cold.  She's not wrong, I guess!

The problems in the beginning of the book ask that the child draw on the picture of how to solve the problem for each illustrated situation. 
Saving Alex from the shark. This problem is at the beginning of the book.

Each problem can be solved basically (for younger children) or more in-depth (for older children).  There are many possibilities to be imagined with each scenario.  The scenarios are all very unique, making the problems both fun and interesting for kids, and also endless possible answers to each “outside-the-box” problem.
According to Kory, this "Suck-Up Giant"eats garbage since he has no eyes, but can probably smell.

Since this book is for ages 4 to children in 2nd grade, I think it would be great if you happen to have several children in that age group.  The problems are of varying difficulty, where some ask for short answers to be written.  Later portions of the book do seem to be a bit more advanced; probably best suited for the 2nd grade student in mind. 
One example of critical thinking through previous problem solving with very short essay questions best done by grades 1 and up.

Children that can read can help the younger children through problems.  Kory can’t read or write well yet, so I helped her through the reading parts and writing down her answers.  The books are also available as e-books if you anticipate using this with more than one child in the home.

All of the parts of the book (“The Magic Pencil,” “Alien Designer,” “The Best Tool,” etc.) are phenomenal.  I’m so excited to keep working through this book and Kory asks every day to do a “problem solve.” ;)

We won’t be letting our brains relax too much during summertime.  It is fun, even for me, to work with Kory through this book and I’m so happy we received it and get to add it to our curriculum as a supplement to learning.  Critical thinking skills are so very important, and it’s never too early to start!

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