We Love the Knight Life ;)

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

We loved learning all about Knights from the Home School in the Woods K-2 Lap-Pack.

As mentioned in my previous blog, we went to our local medieval event center recently.  Kory (4) enjoyed this tremendously!  How fun it was to follow up on that experience by learning all about Knights.

Home School in the Woods has many, many, different products to choose from.  A lot of their learning materials are geared for 3rd grade and up, but these Lap-Paks are suggested for grades K through 2nd.  I LOVE the idea of Lapbooks.  I'm looking forward to utilizing them more on our homeschool journey.

We received a digital download of the Home School in the Woods Knights K-2 Lap-Pak.  I set to work printing it out. I put the Lap-Pak together with a bit of help from Kory.

The illustrations in this Lap-Pak are amazing.. and hand drawn!  They are beautiful.

PDF File.
The download includes instructions that indicate which pages should be printed on white paper, cardstock, or colored paper.

The hand-drawn pictures are fun to color!

While cutting out each item, it was fun to learn about all the interesting aspects of Knight life. Get it?  See what I did there? ;)

I asked Kory to draw a picture showing what a Knight might like to do for fun (for the "What do Knights do for fun?" activity), like reading a book or taking a nap (sounds wonderful to me!).  She said they "like to fight" and drew that.

Daddy read through the Lap-Pak with Kory so they could both enjoy it; her learning all about the Knights, and Daddy loves the history aspect.

This is something we will keep around for a very long time.  There is so much information to soak in.  The entire Lap-Pak is very well thought out.  If you have older children at home, this would be a FANTASTIC activity to cut out and put together while listening to read-alouds or other family morning times.  I would recommend this to grades above Kindergarten, unless there is an older child who is also interested in the subject to help.  In my opinion, a Kindergartner would need a lot of help cutting, gluing/taping, folding, and putting this together.  If you are a parent who enjoys that, you can also help a younger student finish this Lap-Pak.  Once done though, it is quite a wonderful addition to a family Unit Study.
Completed Lap-Pak Cover.

Working smarter, not harder, on the cutting.

Please check out the U.S. Elections Lap-Pak for grades 3 through 8, but I know even I would benefit from learning more about that!  There are many very educational blog posts on Home School in the Woods' website.  I read the U.S. Elections blog post and strongly agree we should teach children about our election process at a young age.  Plus, a Lap-Pak about elections is a great idea since it is interactive and not hidden inside the text of a book; the learning is physical with a Lap-Pak.

Be sure to check out the other reviews for all the other great products from Home School in the Woods to see how other families have enjoyed learning about history!

Home School in the Woods Collections - Lap-pak, Timeline Figures, History Studies & Activity-Pak {Home School in the Woods Reviews}


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