Whataburger Gospel

Trash.  Dispose of it.  Right?

I saw this on the side of my Whataburger bag:  “When I am empty please dispose of me properly.”

At first, of course, seeing this made me chuckle a bit.  Do we really need instructions?  I thought we all knew what to do with our trash.

Then, another thought came to mind.  What does it mean when someone says, “I am at your disposal?”  It literally means I am available to be put into a position of whatever is needed of me.

Also, there are many times I feel empty.  Especially recently.  But I’ve been looking for ways to be filled; from my husband, from my child, from my hobbies.

Really, my next fill-up comes from God.  It comes from praying friends.  It comes from hearing His Word.  It comes from having a song in my heart even in sad situations.

So, Lord, when I am empty, I am at your disposal.  I am ready to be filled. Fill me with what I need.  Quench my thirst.

All this insight from an innocent Whataburger dinner.  I’m glad I didn’t feel like cooking tonight.


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