Learning to Read and Write with Reading Unlocked!

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

My 4 year old is learning to read and write with Reading Unlocked!

We were provided with 12 months free access to Reading Unlocked to try in our homeschool routine.  It is an online program that can be used on an iPad, PC, or laptop.  We used our iPad.

As you can see, the program is very simple and not cluttered with too much stimulation.

The program begins each lesson with a letter, and then asks the student what sound it makes.  Next, the child will identify in a series of questions which picture starts with the letter sound of the day.  The program does say the word for the student.  Then there is a short drill of saying the letter and what sound it makes. Kory then drew the letter on her paper or dry erase board.  This is how this program differs from another book-based learn-to-read program we had been using; the student is asked to write the letter (and eventually the word, later in the lesson).  Kory is fairly good at writing her letters, but is working to improve.

We're learning to read AND write the words!

The program walks the student through sounding out 3 letter words.  The student then is asked to write out each word, and the student must choose the correct picture for the corresponding words.  Finally, there is sort of a "game" (I call it that to make it sound more fun.  4 year olds, y'all ;), to turn the original word "into" another word.  For example, changing "pat" to "pet."

The program does read the letter sounds, sounds out words, and asks that students sound out words together, but parent interaction is required.  At the end of each lesson, there is a poem or story that contains the words learned for that lesson that must be read with the student.

Reading Unlocked says that students only need 10 minutes per day to get through each lesson, and that is true.  That is quick!  In fact, I think just 6-10 minutes worked well for Kory because she seemed to get a little flustered after a certain period of time and I wanted her to enjoy it, so we usually worked our way up to writing the word from the picture given and then pick up from there after a day break in between, or whenever we picked it up again.  **I feel that I failed in consistency with the program.  I had been spending quite some time making masks for members of our community during the pandemic.  Daddy did help Kory on a few lessons, so that was helpful.  Now that the masks are finished, we can be more consistent with our reading lessons.

It's important to note that Reading Unlocked is well-suited for children who are dyslexic and the program was designed by the creators of Dyslexia Gold.  So be sure to check out Reading Unlocked if this is something you encounter with your child(ren).

We did like this program.  It is very simple.  Since the program is accessed electronically, there's that layer of "fun" in doing the program because the child is allowed to be on the iPad (or computer).  I know Kory loves to be on the computer, so we may continue using the program that way.  I love that I can just log in to the webpage and start.

I recommend Reading Unlocked to anyone who has a child that shows signs of being ready to read and is looking for an easy, accessible program to start their reading journey!  I hope to update this post after we have gone through the program.  There are 100 lessons in total.

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